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About This Award

Implementations using data and analytics to deliver measurable improvements in the organization’s operations, such as forecasting or anticipating customer demand; improving inventory management, supply chain visibility or asset monitoring/sensing; increasing sustainable business practices and resource optimization; improving transparency, compliance or risk management; and other deployments that deliver greater operational efficiencies and improve the bottom line.

2017 Winner:


Directorate General of Tax Republic of Indonesia


DGT Indonesia DAWET Project


The Directorate General of Tax for the Republic of Indonesia (DGT), a subsidiary of the Indonesia Minister of Finance, chose Teradata as the foundation for its vision to become the best tax administration in South East Asia. An island nation of 255 million citizens, where just 27 million (11% of the population) are registered taxpayers, DGT recognized that only through sophisticated data management could they meet such goals as widening the tax base, and identifying and significantly reducing tax fraud. Using Teradata, DGT implemented the DAWET project (in the Bahasa Indonesia Language an “Integrated Data Warehouse”), a big data and data analytics project as part of their Unified Data Architecture (UDA) initiative to address increasing data challenges, improve taxpayer compliance, identify tax-fraud, optimize costs, provide better service and increase revenue through tax collection. As a result of their UDA implementation, the DGT is now more effectively organizing, storing, and leveraging data. The business now has the analytical foundation to turn previously unseen opportunities – such as suspicious transactions, transfer pricing, companies owned by other companies, identification of triangular transactions, insight into organizational structures and the inter-connections between owners and stakeholders, etc.– into actionable insights.


Barclays PLC

Project: BIW Refresh Accelerated Implementation

Standard Chartered Bank

Project: Bank-Wide Accounting Hub