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About This Award

By capturing and analyzing all types of sensor data from telematics and/or interconnected devices such as vehicles, meters, machines, weather devices, buildings, manufacturing lines, and shopping carts, this emerging breakthrough business application can monetize the industrial Internet of Things, by changing business models, improving processes, exploiting new technologies, improving personal health, or enhancing the customer experience in new ways.

2016 Winner:

Siemens AG


Internet of Trains @ Siemens Mobility Services


Siemens Mobility has established the leading IoT platform in the rail market based on the Teradata UDA. This platform helped Siemens to create a new, market-leading offering of data driven insights and opening up a new customer segment that was previously not addressable. Customer feedback has been fantastic and customer value is tangible by increasing vehicle availability and decreasing maintenance cost. It also generates for Siemens customers new opportunities to improve their own offerings towards their customers. The offering implemented by Siemens Mobility is unique and cannot easily be replicated as it combines the leading technologies for a big data platform with world-class data analytics know how and the engineering knowledge inside Siemens into data enabled insights.



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