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By capturing and analyzing all types of sensor data from telematics and/or interconnected devices such as vehicles, meters, machines, weather devices, buildings, manufacturing lines, and shopping carts, this emerging breakthrough business application can monetize the industrial Internet of Things, by changing business models, improving processes, exploiting new technologies, improving personal health, or enhancing the customer experience in new ways.

2017 Winner:



Data Science Ecosystem to meet the 1000x Data Challenge


Qualcomm’s DNA is mobile communication. Since founded in 1985, Qualcomm has evolved from supplying transportation tracking, to developing the first mobile phones, to enabling the mobile internet, to inventing the fundamentals of LTE and to making the world’s most advanced mobile processors. Qualcomm is developing the fundamental technology and techniques to tackle the 1000x data challenge. The solution is not only a combination of increasing the efficiency of existing assets, and employing more resources in the form of small cells and spectrum, requires adopting radically different ways of acquiring, deploying, operating and managing these resources. Because this 1000x data challenge is growing more rapidly than Moore’s Law (which predicts that the number of transistors per square inch would double approximately every 12 months), enablement is only possible through data collection and the use of machine learning systems to identify opportunities for improvement.

To enable and deploy company-wide collaboration, we engaged Teradata’s Think Big consultants. We now rapidly develop advanced insights, and improve products and services. Our current capabilities just weren’t possible prior to our engagement of Teradata. Engaging with Teradata not only gave us access to a collective of consultants, it gave us access to every part of the company from their data science expertise to their systems architects and their product technologists.

The Qualcomm Data Science group now has a comprehensive roadmap that is enabling cross-BU collaboration. Development teams within Qualcomm for Mobile Processor, Embedded Processor Bluetooth Products, Cellular Modems and Wi-Fi and Radio-Frequency (RF) Products are now leveraging the same data and gaining insight form each other.

We continue to collaborate with Teradata, to enable data science across Qualcomm with solutions that are practical, scalable and future proof.