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Solutions that deliver analytic insights by unifying the data ecosystem into a cohesive analytic environment on premises or in the public or private cloud, by harnessing data sources, data types and/or data structures across an organization. This implementation delivers an integrated view of the business that results in true business intelligence, new business opportunities and performance improvements, and allows for the reuse of data.

2016 Winner:





It is well recognized that Clinical data is one of the most sensitive industry assets, a competitive advantage that is required for critical evidence of a drug therapy’s efficacy and safety and of its potential health and economic impact.

According to the market solution available and industry benchmarks done with other pharmaceutical companies, the Maestro solution is the first ambitious project to build an agile clinical data warehouse.

Designed to scale, the solution is able to address the clinical trials challenges materialized by the high variability of the data captured & the continuous increase in volume introduced by an extensive portfolio of prescription drugs, vaccines, generics, and consumer healthcare products.

The solution capabilities provide the business with a high functional flexibility to ensure the development of prescription drugs, vaccines, and over-the-counter healthcare products. It requires that the solution developed is efficient enough to absorb such variability without introducing process complexity and, thus, to not add costs and risks in term of maintainability.

The exploitation of JSON functions natively available coupled with a business expansion of the Teradata SQL syntax allow fulfilling the requirement for flexibility, velocity and functional enrichment of the data.


China Merchants Bank

Project: CMB EDW Planning and Implementation Project

Expedia, Inc.

Project: Janus – DB2 to Teradata Migration