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About This Award

This category honors a team of colleagues or a top Technologist or Business Leader (CIO, CMO, vice president or director) who generated a positive impact on their organization, leading integration of business and IT or of cross functional teams and the application of Teradata technology to improve business performance. This team or individual enabled breakthrough success by implementing innovative solutions to business problems to drive business results in cost-effective ways.

2016 Winner:

Ken Drake

Senior Director of Business Intelligence, Blizzard Entertainment


With a commitment to building strong teams, leveraging global resources and always putting the customer at the center, Ken Drake successfully implemented Teradata Unified Data Architecture from scratch in only six months. Blizzard Entertainment has gone from multiple concurrent queries a day to supporting hundreds of active users daily, with over 22TB ingested into their UDA per day.


Iwan Djuniardi

Director of Transformation, Technology Information and Communication of Directorate General of Tax Republic of Indonesia