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About This Award

This category honors a team of colleagues or a top Technologist or Business Leader (CIO, CMO, vice president or director) who generated a positive impact on their organization, leading integration of business and IT or of cross functional teams and the application of Teradata technology to improve business performance. This team or individual enabled breakthrough success by implementing innovative solutions to business problems to drive business results in cost-effective ways.

2017 Winner:

David Covert

Bank of the West


Dave Covert is responsible for strategy, governance and the daily execution of the Multi-Channel sales and marketing program at Bank of the West. He oversees the Teradata Customer Interaction Manager (CIM) Application to target customers in real time and through preferred channels while optimizing resources and actual dollars to increase sales efficiency and the number of quality sales leads. He was instrumental in topping the revenue and profit charts by 125% in 2016 and on track for 120% for 2017. Event based (trigger) leads increased by 50% in 2016 with response rates up to 5x previous propensity based leads. New channels were developed and programs initiated that expanded the CIM platform to two additional lines of business resulting in a successful program to generate client upstream referrals and home lending sales. A contact frequency algorithm was developed and launched that measures responses to emails and throttles email distribution resulting in a 21% increase in open rates and a 15% reengagement rate.


ePNR Team

Enterprise Data Warehouse, American Airlines                  

Parrish Major

Defense Health Agency (DHA)

BI Solutions Team

Head of BI Development, O2 Czech Republic