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Read through our FAQs to learn all the EPIC details of the awards.

What do EPIC Awards recognize?

Now in its 10th year, the Teradata EPIC Awards program recognizes customers and alliance partners for achieving high-impact business outcomes through analytics. The EPIC Awards winners and finalists are honored at an exclusive ceremony held during the PARTNERS Conference. Winners are recognized for their innovation and reputation for excellence both inside and outside of their industry.

Why enter?

A Teradata EPIC Award is a recognized honor of innovation and high-impact business outcomes among Teradata customers and alliance partners. The hand-crafted, personalized crystal award presented during the EPIC awards ceremony gives you public recognition and visibility in front of colleagues, Teradata customers, partners, Teradata executives and your company leadership. Your company will receive free publicity and exposure via Teradata social media networks (Twitter, LinkedIn), press release, EPIC Awards website.at the Teradata PARTNERS Conference in October in Anaheim, CA. Teradata EPIC Award winners and finalists will be honored at a reception where there will be ample time to network with fellow business and IT professionals and partners who are recognized as outstanding innovators among their peers and within their company.

What makes a good nomination?

It’s important to include a succinct overview of the challenges faced, the objectives, the solution deployed and impact on the organization and architecture, and the business outcome tailored to the category entered. The judges will want to understand why this company or this individual is deserving of the award. If you are an Integration and Consulting Partner submitting to a partner category, it is important to describe the project completed and specific services you provided.

The independent, third-party judging panel will evaluate and score entries in each customer and partner category according to the implementation’s strategic importance to the business, as measured by its:

  • Financial return and measurable payback (returns on investment, assets, resources, speed of time-to-value) through the creation of revenue opportunities or cost savings.
  • Impact on the nominee’s customers (i.e., improved quality of service, increased retention, acquisition, innovation in products/service to customers).
  • Delivering a strategic advantage to the business/organization now and providing a foundation for future initiatives.
  • Ability to overcome the challenges of data management, information access and analysis to provide a foundation for better business decisions.
  • For partner category submissions, Integration and Consulting Partners will also be judged on the services they provided to the project and impact on results.
  • In partner categories, only customers who permit the publication of their company name are eligible to receive a crystal award.

Who can nominate?

Customers can enter themselves or be submitted by their PR firm, alliance partners (Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or Global Integration and Consulting Partner (ICP). If a partner firm wants to make a submission naming a customer, they must have permission from that customer to do so.

May we submit more than one nomination? A previously entered project? A previous winner?

You may enter as many as appropriate but a project may be entered into only one category. The exception is the Collaboration and Innovation Excellence Award. A company may separately submit more than one individual or team. Any work, including winners, entered in previous years is eligible if the project is still active and meets eligibility requirements. We recommend the previous entry be updated with new details and current results prior to submission. If a project or individual/team is entered more than once into any category or multiple categories of the Customer Awards, EPIC reserves the right to remove all but one of those entries from the awards.

Is there a fee to enter?

There is no fee to enter.

How does the judging process work?

The EPIC awards program is managed by an independent, third party organization. All entries are reviewed and scored by a panel of independent, third-party judges. The three to five top-scoring entries in each category will be declared finalists and notified in August. The entry scoring the highest in each category will be named a winner at the awards ceremony. Teradata sponsors the awards program and hosts the event to honor our award-winning customers and partners from around the globe.

How do we use your information?

Each entry form contains a Public Overview section. The Public Overview is the only portion that may be cited in the awards ceremony presentation (if you are a winner or finalist) and used on Teradata websites, press releases and other published materials. All other information you provide is for the exclusive use of this awards program and its judges and will be treated confidentially. Portions of the Public Overview may be edited for length or clarity, but we won’t add or change the information without your approval. Only winners and finalist companies and individuals/teams who agree to the use of their name in a press release, marketing collateral, and in promotion through Teradata social media channels will be recognized. However, winners will not be required to detail their deployment to the public.

What are the deadlines and timeline?

All submissions must be received by midnight U.S. Pacific Time on June 16, 2017. We will notify you in mid-August as to the status of your submission. The Awards Ceremony will take place on Monday, October 23, 2017 at the Teradata PARTNERS Conference in Anaheim, CA.

How do I submit an EPIC entry?

The entry forms are at www.TeradataEpicAwards.com. Simply register on the website to view the applications and access a word document you can use to draft your entry. We encourage all entries be submitted online. Judges review and score all entries through a web portal. Entry forms submitted in PDF or Word documents will be accepted, but will be copied and pasted into an online form by a third party for judging. EPIC cannot be responsible for accuracy or completeness of any entry that is not submitted online.

What are the categories?

Customer Categories

  • Analytical Excellence: Solutions that improve business decision making by increasing the accuracy or speed of business insights, and by delivering measurable improvements in revenue, organizational performance and/or productivity. Entries may describe analytic solutions that are based on customer data, operational data, and/or financial data, and/or deliver actionable insights based on multiple data sources, hybrid platforms, applications or tools, or on multiple types of data.
  • Big Data Excellence: Winners in this category are delivering high-impact business outcomes using big data, and/or data lakes with BI technologies and techniques. Through effective capture, management, mining, and analysis of large volumes of structured and unstructured data sets, the project has enabled business agility, enhanced decision making, or changed business processes by providing visibility into critically important performance metrics, processes, or insights into important trends.
  • Collaboration and Innovation Excellence: This category honors a team of colleagues or a top Technologist or Business Leader (CIO, CMO, vice president or director) who generated a positive impact on their organization, leading integration of business and IT or of cross functional teams and the application of Teradata technology to improve business performance. This team or individual enabled breakthrough success by implementing innovative solutions to business problems to drive business results in cost-effective ways.
  • Customer Journey Excellence: Solutions that combine expertise in data integration, advanced multi-genre analytics, and cross channel orchestration to provide marketers a full customer view. Entries will describe how analytical insights drive and optimize customer journeys, and provide the ability to create new products, and/or execute multi-channel campaigns, powered by real-time decision making for high impact business outcomes.
  • Integrated View of the Business: Solutions that deliver analytic insights by unifying the data ecosystem into a cohesive analytic environment on premises or in the public or private cloud, by harnessing data sources, data types and/or data structures across an organization. This implementation delivers an integrated view of the business that results in true business intelligence, new business opportunities, and performance improvements, and allows for the reuse of data.
  • On the Edge with Internet of Things (IoT): By capturing and analyzing all types of sensor data from telematics and/or interconnected devices such as vehicles, meters, machines, weather devices, buildings, manufacturing lines, and shopping carts, this emerging breakthrough business application can monetize the industrial Internet of Things, by changing business models, improving processes, exploiting new technologies, improving personal health, or enhancing the customer experience in new ways.
  • Operational Excellence: Implementations using data and analytics to deliver measurable improvements in the organization’s operations, such as forecasting or anticipating customer demand; improving inventory management, supply chain visibility or asset monitoring/sensing; increasing sustainable business practices and resource optimization; improving transparency, compliance or risk management; and other deployments that deliver greater operational efficiencies and improve the bottom line.

Partner Categories Entries into a Partner category must be from an active Teradata Integration and Consulting Partner (ICP) or Independent Software Vendor (ISV). Entries must reference a customer –if that customer does not grant permission for their name to be used in an external publication, such as a press release, the name will be masked and the customer will not be eligible to receive an award. Multiple entries will be accepted, provided they are based on different customer implementations. The awards cover activities occurring between July 1, 2016, and May 31, 2017.

  • Big Data Intelligence: Partner will have leveraged one or more of Teradata’s platform technologies including Teradata, Teradata Aster, Hadoop or any Teradata Cloud offering. This solution could leverage new emerging data sources such as Web logs, sensor, etc. or compelling new analytics — digital marketing optimization, new Web path analysis, or other advanced analytics for discovery and new insight. The solution will provide a unified, high-performance big data analytics system for an enterprise and show measurable return on investment to our customers. Solution will have delivered valuable insight to lines of business and enable our customers to make time-sensitive decisions by analyzing entire sets of relevant data.
  • Business Insight: This award recognizes a partner who has developed and implemented a point solution — such as pre-built applications or an industry offer — that uses any analytic data platform, including Teradata, Teradata Aster, and/or one of our analytic applications to deliver analytic insights to customers. This solution must be in production and must deliver measurable return on investment for the customer.
    • Solutions that have won this Award in previous years are not eligible.
  • Enterprise Intelligence: This award recognizes a partner who has worked with a customer to build a company-wide solution leveraging a Teradata enterprise data warehouse to drive value. Teradata should be the underlying platform for the company’s strategic data analysis that is accessed by different departments and a broad user base. The winning submission must be in production and producing positive results/ROI for the customer. Multiple entries will be accepted, provided they are based on different customer implementations.
    • This initiative will have established a Teradata system as the preferred data warehouse platform environment or could be a joint initiative built in partnership with Teradata (for ICP’s only).

Who do I contact with questions?

For complete information about the categories and awards program, visit www.TeradataEpicAwards.com. For questions, assistance in writing, or general program information, email teradata@shycast.com or visit the Contact page to submit an inquiry.

Join innovative business and analytics leaders at the 10th Anniversary of the Teradata EPIC Awards and celebrate your outstanding achievements in analytics-driven outcomes, powered by Teradata.

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