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About This Award

This award recognizes a partner who has worked with a customer to build a company-wide solution leveraging a Teradata enterprise data warehouse to drive value. Teradata should be the underlying platform for the company’s strategic data analysis that is accessed by different departments and a broad user base. The winning submission must be in production and producing positive results/ROI for the customer. Multiple entries will be accepted, provided they are based on different customer implementations.

2016 Winners:

Winner (ICP):



Insights Data Lab


Starting in 2014, our customer laid out a vision to go deep within existing geographies and products, go global to offer solutions in adjacent and new markets, and to go individual to serve the holistic needs of an individual. In order to realize this core foundation to achieve success, Teradata convinced our customer they would need a reliable and accessible data and analytic platform. Prior to 2013, our customer’s data environment consisted of individual data marts and data repositories spread across the enterprise, which were expensive to run and provided limited vertical views (i.e. silos) of our customer’s Information Management Analytics capability. Over the past 3 years, Accenture has assisted our customer in moving from an IM Strategy to the selection of a new platform and the delivery execution of the build out of a new data foundation.

Accenture and Teradata have been working with our customer’s Information Management leadership to craft a technology plan for our customer’s Corporate Warehouse (CCW) in order to bring a more scalable, efficient, and flexible data platform to support our customer’s strategy of bringing analytic decision making to the business units. During 2014, Accenture managed 6 successful CCW releases including Client, Customer, Benefit and Rx and took over the Insights Data Store build out and maintenance. In early 2015, Accenture developed a long term delivery partnership model for 2015 – 2017 which focuses on a continued expansion of the CCW platform, which will include Medical Claims, Provider, Clinical and Grouper Enrichments, as well as Insights Data Store. Additionally in 2015, the first phase of this strategy went into production with the development of the Insights Data Lab.

The Insight Data Lab supports CIMA’s analytics requirements including such functions as care member engagements (case management), pharmacy trend analysis, and underwriting. This new solution also enables the support of over 100,000 ad hoc report requests annually on top of the normal reporting requirements which is part of our customer’s daily operational reporting.

Winner (ISV):

Fuzzy Logix & Tesco


Tesco Sales Forecasting Analytics


Fuzzy Logix and Teradata collaborated with Tesco, the largest retailer in the UK, to implement a sales forecasting solution for their 3500 stores across 40,000 products. The previous forecasting process took one week to run; forecasts can now be run multiple times per day and take into account multiple variables down to the store level.

For example, Tesco can now efficiently stock store shelves based on day of the week and local weather predictions; both have significant impact on customer purchases.

This solution has resulted in substantial cost savings, an increase in customer satisfaction, and a major reduction in food waste. In addition, surplus food is being donated to local charities at a rate of > 10 tons per week.