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About This Award

This award recognizes a partner who has worked with a customer to build a company-wide solution leveraging a Teradata enterprise data warehouse to drive value. Teradata should be the underlying platform for the company’s strategic data analysis that is accessed by different departments and a broad user base. The winning submission must be in production and producing positive results/ROI for the customer. Multiple entries will be accepted, provided they are based on different customer implementations.

2017 Winners:

Winner (ICP):



Data Integration – Exploration and Production Business Unit


Working with one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies that produce safe, reliable energy around the globe, the IBM and Teradata teams jointly promoted the performance and efficiency of a Teradata EDW for the Exploration and Production business unit as a replacement for the existing solutions. This replacement involved the migration of almost 300 database tables and the conversion of almost 600 ETL jobs from competitive platforms to Teradata. The project resulted in a lower cost of ownership, improved performance and scalability and provided the organization with a single view of the business.

Winner (ISV):

Dataguise, Inc. & eBay Inc.


Detecting Sensitive Data (PCI/PII) in Teradata at eBay


With one billion active listings and 164 million active buyers, eBay stores more than 12 petabytes of customer transaction data in Teradata repositories. Key to eBay’s success is how rapidly analytics teams can turn this data into personalized customer experiences that drive sales. But before datasets can be used for analytics, all sensitive data must be protected or removed in accordance with a rigorous set of internal and external privacy and compliance requirements, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Before sensitive data can be protected or removed, it must be detected.

Knowing that you can’t protect what you can’t see, the eBay Global Data Infrastructure (GDI) team—the group responsible for maintaining customer data and preparing it for analytics—deployed Dataguise DgSecure for precise sensitive data detection in all Teradata repositories. With Dataguise, eBay is able to discover sensitive data, report its exact location, alert internal data owners, and give actions as required. eBay can quickly and fully leverage customer transaction data for analytics-driven growth, while reducing risk and cost through complete data privacy and regulatory compliance.