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Solutions that combine expertise in data integration, advanced multi-genre analytics, and cross channel orchestration to provide marketers a full customer view. Entries will describe how analytical insights drive and optimize customer journeys, and provide the ability to create new products, and/or execute multi-channel campaigns, powered by real-time decision making for high impact business outcomes.

2016 Winner:

Southwest Airlines


Customer Centricity Transformation (CCT): Customer Data Warehouse (CDW)


Southwest Airlines has embarked on an extensive transformation of its business capabilities to become more Customer-centric. A centerpiece of that transformation is the ability to identify, understand and interact with its Customers.

The Customer Centricity Transformation project included the creation of a Customer focused Data Warehouse.

This new Technology is allowing Southwest Airlines to drive Customer insights, improve Customer acquisition and retention, dramatically expand Customer segmentation and fully leverage its investment in its new reservation system, Altea.

The Customer Centricity Transformation is foundational to Southwest’s overarching long-term strategy enabling us to attain our Vision: to become the world’s most loved, most flown, most profitable airline.


Migros Ticaret A.Ş.

Project: Evolution of Marketing / Personalized offers with Teradata CIM Solution