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About This Award

Solutions that combine expertise in data integration, advanced multi-genre analytics, and cross channel orchestration to provide marketers a full customer view. Entries will describe how analytical insights drive and optimize customer journeys, and provide the ability to create new products, and/or execute multi-channel campaigns, powered by real-time decision making for high impact business outcomes.

2017 Winner:

HSBC UK & Celebrus Technologies


HSBC UK Personalization Transformation


HSBC UK understood the need to shine a light on their website to turn “visitors” into “customers” as a critical part of their drive to become much more customer-centric. This was a key component of a major transformation project to build one system which would connect customer channels to a central CRM brain to both create a single customer view and deliver consistent, joined up messaging across channels. Leading the way, HSBC UK brought together Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager (RTIM) with the individual-level real-time digital customer data captured, transformed and delivered by Celebrus Technologies as the data underpinning. Today, HSBC UK delivers millions of highly personalized messages per day across multiple channels, including many in real-time, which helps them address multiple business objectives.


Cathay Financial Holdings & Celebrus Technologies

Project: Digital Transformation at Cathay Financial Holdings

InterContinental Hotels Group

Project: Integrated Campaign Experience (I.C.E.)


Project: Tesco Customer 360