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Partner will have leveraged one or more of Teradata’s platform technologies including Teradata, Teradata Aster, Hadoop or any Teradata Cloud offering. This solution could leverage new emerging data sources such as Web logs, sensor, etc. or compelling new analytics — digital marketing optimization, new Web path analysis, or other advanced analytics for discovery and new insight. The solution will provide a unified, high-performance big data analytics system for an enterprise and show measurable return on investment to our customers. Solution will have delivered valuable insight to lines of business and enable our customers to make time-sensitive decisions by analyzing entire sets of relevant data.

2016 Winners:

Winner (ICP):

IBM Global Business Services


Always On CRM Analytics


This client is one of the four largest financial institutions in Australia in terms of market capitalization and number of customers. This bank is an international financial services holding company that committed itself to a customer-centric business strategy over 15 years ago and has witnessed significant growth and expansion in key customer segments as a result. At present, this bank operates across four continents and 15 countries. Delivering a great customer experience is central to the bank’s strategy. The bank has made substantial progress in improving customer experiences by simplifying interactions, accelerating innovation and deepening relationships. The bank, assisted by Teradata and IBM Global Business Services, together are using their vast experience in Advanced Analytics and CRM to step up efforts to make the bank an even more customer-centric organization.

The “Always On” project provides the bank with new insights into customer behavior and experience across the bank’s divisions by combining banking data with external data through partnerships with other industries such as Telecommunications, Retail, Insurance, Industrials and FinTech organizations. The bank now has a solution that is always available for customer analytics to support both traditional marketing initiatives and new digital marketing initiatives. The solution delivered jointly by IBM Global Business Services and Teradata has been architected to be “always on” so that the solution can be leveraged to address other analytical requirements across the enterprise. The solution includes new technology components such as Aster, Hadoop and Query Grid that will accelerate how data is stored and used by the bank for analytics. The “Always On” analytical CRM project that Teradata and IBM Global Business Services are implementing will help the bank achieve their customer centricity goals even faster.

Winner (ISV):



Railway Advanced Analytics Platform


This customer from the SAS and Teradata partnership is a major transportation provider delivering goods and critical materials for businesses and consumers alike. Joining over 300 other customers of the partnership, SAS and Teradata have jointly deployed the “SAS in the Teradata Unified Data Architecture” solution that includes a number of products from the integrated portfolio. This includes the Teradata Appliance for SAS, a jointly engineered unique solution providing SAS in-memory solutions in the Teradata environment for industry leading performance and fast time to value.