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Winners in this category are delivering high-impact business outcomes using big data, and/or data lakes with BI technologies and techniques. Through effective capture, management, mining, and analysis of large volumes of structured and unstructured data sets, the project has enabled business agility, enhanced decision making, or changed business processes by providing visibility into critically important performance metrics, processes, or insights into important trends.

2017 Winner:

RajComp Info Services Ltd.


Government of Rajasthan – Big Data Environment


Over the past two decades, governments have increasingly leveraged information technology to transform relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Using technology, governments have improved the delivery of services to citizens and increased the efficiency of their own work processes. These improvements have led to greater citizen satisfaction, increased government transparency & efficiency, and significant reductions in operating costs.

In today’s information era, the amount of data is growing exponentially. Apart from the size of the data sets, the variety of the data which is being generated today from various sources like web, social media, surveillance video logs, etc. is quite heterogeneous. The volume and variety of stored data poses the problem of quick retrieval of the desired data from the database. Traditional database management systems often have difficulties in handling big data.

RISL, Government of Rajasthan, has built an environment using big data technology to provide a framework to store a wide variety of structured and unstructured data like text, image, video etc. Teradata Hadoop appliance for Hortonworks and Teradata Aster together provide insights into that data that were never even considered in the recent past.

Implementation of this solution has empowered government departmental users with analytical insights for effective decision-making at the right time, and improved citizen engagement processes resulting in better services and greater satisfaction.


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