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The Teradata EPIC Awards celebrate outstanding achievements in analytics-driven outcomes.

Because your team deserves to be recognized.

Start your 2018 entry today.

Be Part of the Excitement.

EPIC Awards celebrate outstanding achievements in analytics-driven outcomes.

Because your team deserves to be recognized.

Start your entry today.

Join the celebration.

Celebrating 10 years of outstanding achievements in analytics-driven outcomes.

Because your team deserves to be recognized.

Start your entry today.

Be Part of the Excitement.

Celebrating 10 years of outstanding achievements in analytics-driven outcomes.

Meet The 2017 EPIC Awards Judges

The 10th Anniversary Teradata EPIC Award Judges hail from leading big data organizations in academia, journalism, and business.

Virginia Backaitis

Virginia Backaitis is an executive recruiter who specializes in the search and placement of big data professionals and consultants. She has provided services around Information Management and Analytics to the world’s largest and edgiest companies for more than 25 years.

She also writes about big data and analytics, primarily for CMSWire and her company’s blog. She has covered Data since before it was called “Big” and Analytics before they were accessible to more than a few professionals in the Enterprise. She’s especially interested in the new possibilities that 3rd- platform technologies bring to the world.

Becky Wanta

Becky Wanta, Executiver Vice President and Chief Information Officer. In this role, Becky is responsible for the transformation of the Information Technology Division into a front-end competitive advantage; inculcation of innovation to examine and execute new revenue lines and continuous review and examination of business verticals to streamline and optimize operations. Prior to accepting her role at Pacific Compensation Insurance Company, Becky was CEO & President of her own consulting practice, RSW1C, focused on partnering with Fortune 50+ companies as either their retained Senior IT Executive/CIO or consultant to transform their IT organizations and strategy and deliver IT as both the valued strategic business innovative partner and the enabler to game changing their respective business/markets. To maintain her technology currency, Becky also lends her leadership and technical prowess to business incubation, executive-in- resident, and start-ups to hasten their go-to- market entrance. Becky was ranked 4 th in the Top 50 Female CIOs and 12 in the top 200 CIOs for 2012 by Exec Ranking.

Youtube: MGM Resorts International Transformation:

Prior to returning to her successful consultant practice, before accepting her current role with Pacific Compensation Insurance Company, she was Senior Vice President/Global Chief Information and Innovation Officer (SVP/CIO) for MGM Resorts International where she led the transformation of the Information Technology Department from its back office expense function to its front office strategic competitive advantage business partner implementing their MLife vision; and the determination, evaluation and application of innovation and technologies cornerstone to generating real business value and revolutionizing MGM Resorts International’s business current and future.

Prior to Becky being promoted to the SVP/CIO, she was Vice President of IT Operations and Chief Technology Officer. In this capacity, she worked closely with IT and Company leaders to ensure the appropriate technology strategy was in place to support the Company’s goals and objectives, and oversaw efforts to harden and strengthen the overall technology infrastructure and operating environment, ensuring a robust technology platform for the Company current and future.

Becky is a seasoned executive with more than 30 years of IT experience spanning multiple industries such as Integrated Financial Services, Department of Defense, Retail, Transportation, Entertainment, Hospitality, Health Care, and Aerospace. Prior to joining MGM Resorts International, she served as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for the largest workers’ compensation insurance company in California, State Compensation Insurance Fund, where she transformed the information technology function into a valued strategic partner with the business driving strong growth across the enterprise and effectively positioning the companies to respond to changing market dynamics and maintaining/expanding their market leadership positions.

Becky’s experience also includes the roles of Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President for Best Buy, Global Chief Technology Officer for PepsiCo, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Wells Fargo, and Chief Technology Officer and Deputy Chief Information Officer for The

Becky graduated Magna Cum Laude in her undergraduate degree in MIS from Chapman University, and Summa Cum Laude in her Master of Business Administration degree from Golden Gate University. She is also a graduate of Pacific Coast Banking School at the University of Washington in Seattle, where she taught the technology curriculum portion of the school’s Graduate Banking Program. Additionally, Becky holds two intellectual capital patents in Ubiquitous Computing and Method and Apparatus for a Broker Entity. Becky has also been Reviewed and Approved as a Senior Gaming Executive and Corporate Officer in 2012.

Geoffrey C. Bowker is Professor at the School of Information and Computer Science, University of California at Irvine, where he directs the Evoke Laboratory, which explores new forms of knowledge expression. Recent positions include Professor of and Senior Scholar in Cyberscholarship at the University of Pittsburgh iSchool and Executive Director, Center for Science, Technology and Society, Santa Clara. Together with Leigh Star he wrote Sorting Things Out: Classification and its Consequences; his most recent books are Memory Practices in the Sciences and (with Stefan Timmermans, Adele Clarke and Ellen Balka) the edited collection: Boundary Objects and Beyond: Working with Leigh Star. He is currently working on big data policy and on scientific cyberinfrastructure; as well as completing a book on social readings of data and databases. He is a founding member of the Council for Big Data, Ethics and Society.

Office of Corporate Engagement, Princeton University.  Spencer builds relationships with industry partners on behalf of Princeton University faculty and administration in the fields of physical sciences and engineering. Spencer came to Princeton from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, where he worked in both startup companies and large multinationals. In business he has managed sales, marketing, and licensing; and in R&D he has managed drug development and new technology commercialization. Prior to joining the private sector, he was a US Army officer, and continues his service as a reservist. Spencer holds an AB from Princeton, and an MBA from Yale.

LoFrumento is a foremost industry leader in Business Intelligence (BI) and Advanced Analytics. He has worked for premier organizations developing, implementing and managing global BI/Analytics organizations resulting in transformational change with significant bottom line impact. Currently he is an independent consultant.

When at Accenture, LoFrumento served as the Managing Director-Enterprise Analytics & BI Practice Lead-Financial Services, NA. He supported a practice that achieved 40%+ sales growth and 120% of the Revenue Plan in 2013. He worked with key alliance partners to develop enterprise scale solutions for clients across banking, insurance, capital markets and retail brokerage.

Prior to joining Accenture, LoFrumento spent over 20 years as a leading practitioner and thought leader in the world of BI/Analytics. His work with Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Chase Manhattan/Chemical Bank and Omnicom Media Group (OMG) is well documented and characterized by his keen understanding of the powerful relationship that exists between data and analytics.

At OMG, LoFrumento rolled out a world class Global BI infrastructure supporting business development, client retention and client team productivity resulting in 24 pitch wins across the globe, (e.g., Visa, Intel, Estee Lauder, Renault-Nissan, HP, Vodafone, Carlsberg, Porsche and GSK). The diversity of these clients and their unique needs highlights the flexibility and capabilities of the automated data acquisition, data repository, robust reporting, analytics and dashboard deployment for the BI environments developed, deployed and managed by LoFrumento.

LoFrumento’s BI and Analytics work with Morgan Stanley and Citigroup, Chase Manhattan/Chemical Bank was no less transformative. He developed BI and analytics environments and solutions to support many of the institutions major initiatives. Moving each from where they were to where they needed to be to compete in the competitive and fast evolving world of financial services. LoFrumento believes that business decisions need to be made based on the facts and not on conventional wisdom.

His record of success and innovation has made LoFrumento a much sought after speaker and lecturer and often quoted expert in leading newspapers and periodicals. LoFrumento has lectured at Harvard, Dartmouth and several other major business schools and has been the keynote speaker at conferences around the world.

LoFrumento holds a BA in Economics and an MBA in Finance from Columbia University. He resides in Morristown, NJ with his wife and three sons.

Dr. Camille Kamga is an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at the City College of New York, the flagship institution of The City University of New York (CUNY). He has been leading the Region 2 – University Transportation Research Center (UTRC) since 2009.

A consortium of 19 major U.S. academic institutions, UTRC asserts a significant role in the region and nationally, conducting research and projects on surface transportation, carrying out training and educational programs and actively disseminating the results of its work. It is one of the few such Centers in the U.S. federally designated since 1987.

Under Dr. Kamga, UTRC has grown to become a major resource on surface transportation issues for the region and the nation. He has expanded the center membership from 12 to its current 19 institutions and has diversified the research topics addressed by the Center. Dr. Kamga has increased participation by international, national and regional organizations, and inter-university research and training efforts with the impact of gaining national and international recognition for the Center and has improved its management and outreach.

In addition to his research and administrative responsibilities, Dr. Kamga continues to actively participate in numerous transportation-related projects at UTRC. His research interests include: intelligent transportation system; modeling and traffic simulation; analysis of very large transportation networks; use of real-time information for travel; transportation modeling using mobile sensors; transportation planning and policy, transportation operations; sustainability and environment; and transportation safety. He is leading UTRC in innovative research, education, and technology transfer programs; addressing issues of urban mobility and sustainability; as well as concepts and technologies related to big data applications to transportation and traffic engineering.

Prof. T. Russell Hsing, Life Fellow of the IEEE and Fellow for the British Computer Society (BCS) and SPIE, is now Chair Professor of National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan, Guest Professor of Peking University in China, Adjunct Professors with the Arizona State University in US, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has been teaching a course of “Technology Entrepreneurship: Curiosity, Opportunity, Risk, and Money” at POSTECH (Korea) in 2012, National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan) since 2013, and Peking University (China) since 2014. Currently he is Board Member for the OpenFog Consortium, Advisory Board Member for four high-tech start-ups in US (DataMi, Inc.; Smartiply Inc.; and IoT Eye, Inc.) and Taiwan (ePass2UInc.). He has been Academic Advisor for the Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance since March 2014. His current research efforts are concentrating on Wireless 5G, Internet of Things, Network Economics & Neutrality, Fog Network & Computing, and Technology Entrepreneurship. From 1976 to 2012, He was with the Applied Research Center in Bellcore/Telcordia/Ericsson as Director (1986-1995) and Executive Director (1995-2012). He has also established and supervised the Directors for Telcordia Applied Research Centers in Taiwan (TARC-TW) and Poland (TARC-PL) (2004-2012). He accumulated rich R&D experience of 35 years through affiliations with Burroughs, Xerox, GTE Labs, Telco Systems Fiber Optics Corporation, and Bellcore/Telcordia/Ericssson. From 1987 to 1995, He has led a research team to propose and then to develop the world’s first working QAM-based ADSL system first, and then designed the world’s first working DCT chip for video communication applications at Bellcore. In 2002, he was given a responsibility to establish a new Emerging Technologies and Services R & D Department for Vehicular Telematics, Healthcare, and physical security systems applications. He pioneered the technology commercialization in emerging technologies and services through joint business ventures with commercial partners. He holds a B.Sc. (1970) from Taiwan, M.Sc. (1974) and Ph.D (1977) of Electrical Engineering, the University of Rhode Island. His research and publications cover communication signal processing, multimedia communications, wireless technologies & sensors network, vehicular networks & telematics, video communications and VLSI implementations. He co-edits the ICT book series for John Wiley & Sons, Inc. since 2007. Within the IEEE Communications Society, he was member (2006-2008) and chair (2010-2011) of the Fellow Evaluation Committee, and a member of the Award Committee (2010-2012). He was founding chair (2010-2012) of Sub-TC on Vehicular Networks and Telematics Applications for the IEEE Communications Society. Within the IEEE, he was a member (2008-2010)/ Chair (2010-2011)/Past Chair (2012) for the IEEE Kiyo Tomiyasu Award Committee, and then the IEEE Eric Sumner Award Committee (2010-2012). He has been a member for the IEE Fellow Committee since 2012, the Strategic Planning Committee in 2013, and Chair for the IEEE Technical Field of Award (TFA) Council & Member for the IEEE Award Board since 2015.

Sally Applin is a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, in the Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing (CSAC) where she researches the impact of technology on culture. Her research is focused on Automation, Human Adaptation to Algorithms, Scripts and Processes, Maker culture, and the outcomes of network complexities as modeled by PolySocial Reality (PoSR). Sally holds a Masters degree from the graduate Interactive Telecommunications Program (NYU/ITP) within New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and a BA in Conceptual Design from San Francisco State University. Ms. Applin has had a 20+ year career in the science museum design, computer software, telecommunications, and product design/definition industries working as a Senior UX Designer, Senior Consultant and Ethnographer. Sally is a member of IoT Council, a think tank for the Internet of Things, a Board Member of the Edward H. and Rosamond B. Spicer Foundation, and an Associate Editor of the IEEE Consumer Electronics (CES) (Technology and Society IMPACTS) magazine, as well as an Associate Editor of the IEEE Technology and Society Magazine.

Roger Strukhoff is Founder and Executive Director of the Tau Institute for Global ICT Studies, with offices in the US and Metro Manila, Philippines.

The Tau Institute provides relative rankings and custom research focused on the ICT infrastructures and dynamics of 102 nations, representing 90% of the global economy. Core research is conducted in association with the School of Information Technology at Illinois State University.

Roger is also Conference Chair of @CloudExpo & @ThingsExpo, held each year in New York and Silicon Valley.

During his career, Roger has spent 25+ years in Silicon Valley and other technology regions, including the three years of 2009-2012 in Southeast Asia. He’s served in creative and executive positions with IDG, Sun Microsystems, Sybase, and TIBCO Software.

He has been named one of the Top 50 IoT Thought Leaders in the World.

He received a BA from Knox College and conducted MBA studies at Cal State University-East Bay.

Daniel Castro

Daniel Castro is vice president at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) and director of the Center for Data Innovation, an affiliate of ITIF.

Castro writes and speaks on a variety of issues related to information technology and internet policy, including privacy, security, intellectual property, Internet governance, e-government, and accessibility for people with disabilities. His work has been quoted and cited in numerous media outlets, including The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, USA Today, Bloomberg News, and Bloomberg Businessweek. In 2013, Castro was named to FedScoop’s list of the “top 25 most influential people under 40 in government and tech.” In 2015, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker appointed Castro to the Commerce Data Advisory Council.

Castro previously worked as an IT analyst at the Government Accountability Office (GAO) where he audited IT security and management controls at various government agencies. He contributed to GAO reports on the state of information security at a variety of federal agencies, including the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. In addition, Castro was a visiting scientist at the Software Engineering Institute in Pittsburgh, PA, where he developed virtual training simulations to provide clients with hands-on training of the latest information security tools.

He has a B.S. in foreign service from Georgetown University and an M.S. in information security technology and management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Dan Magestro is an experienced leader in West Monroe’s Advanced Analytics practice in Chicago. An accomplished analytics executive with experience in healthcare, insurance and banking, Dan is responsible for helping clients develop strategies and analytics solutions that bring measurable value to their organizations.

Prior to joining West Monroe, Dan was Research Director at the International Institute for Analytics where he advised dozens of companies on their data and analytics programs, including organizational development, project execution, value from data-driven insights, technology platforms, and analysis methods. Dan served as the firm’s primary thought leader, presenting and authoring numerous research articles.

Dan’s industry experience includes managing multiple analytics teams at Cardinal Health in Columbus, Ohio, where he built an analytics center of excellence to serve the company’s large Pharmaceutical Division. He also started a marketing analytics innovation team at Nationwide Insurance and held roles at JP Morgan Chase and Investor Analytics. From 2010 to 2016, he served as an Adjunct Professor at Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business, where he taught courses on data analysis and advised the university on analytics initiatives. Dan came to business analytics from science; he holds a Ph.D. in nuclear physics.

Diego Klabjan is a professor at Northwestern University, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences. He is also Founding Director, Master of Science in Analytics. His expertise is focused on data science and deep learning with concentration in finance, transportation, and healthcare. Professor Klabjan has led projects with large companies such as The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Intel, General Motors and many other, and he is also assisting numerous start-ups with their analytics needs. He is also a founder of Opex Analytics.

Arka Mukherjee

Dr. Arka Mukherjee, the founder and CEO of Global IDs Inc., is an expert in global data management, with extensive experience in creating new technologies to assist businesses in the U.S. and around the world. Under his leadership, Global IDs has developed Master Data Management and Data Governance products and solutions for a myriad of Fortune 2000 companies across multiple vertical industries. Prior to Global IDs, as the principal of IBM Global Services, he was the practice leader in business intelligence services and was responsible for building and growing this e-business practice. He received a Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry from Princeton University.

Jeff Tanner

Dr. Tanner is Dean, Old Dominion University’s Strome College of Business in Norfolk, Virginia. Author or co-author of 15 books, his latest, Analytics & Dynamic Customer Strategy: Big Profits from Big Data (Wiley) was released late 2014. Dr. Tanner has taught executives and graduate students in a dozen countries, including India, France, Malawi, Australia, and Colombia, and recently spoke at National Retail Federation’s Big Show, CRM Evolution, MSI’s Big Data Conference, and Teradata’s Marketing Festival. Consulting clients include Cabela’s, EMC, and Procter & Gamble, among others. In addition to research awards, he was the Society for Marketing Advances Distinguished Teacher (2013). Dr. Tanner sits on the boards of several corporations and non-profits. He and his wife, Karen, breed and race thoroughbred horses.

Dan Woods

Dan Woods is CTO and founder of CITO Research. He has written more than 20 books about the strategic intersection of business and technology. Dan writes about data science, cloud computing, mobility, and IT management in articles, books, and blogs, as well as in his popular column on

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